Five reasons why a yoga retreat is better than a regular holiday

Yoga Retreat

16 Dec Five reasons why a yoga retreat is better than a regular holiday

If you are considering going on a yoga retreat but can’t decide whether just to go on a ‘normal’ holiday instead here are five reasons why you should pick a yoga retreat every time.

  1. You will be fine travelling alone

Lots of people don’t feel comfortable going on a holiday without friends or family but going on a yoga retreat is completely different: it’s time to focus on yourself. And you’ll find the majority of people attending are travelling alone too for the very same reason.

Going on a yoga retreat alone allows you to create space for yourself, taking time out from your day-to-day family of work responsibilities, making plenty of new friends in the same situation and, most importantly, get to know yourself better.

  1. You will experience relaxation like never before

Yoga practice relaxes the mind and body with a mixture of poses (asana), pranayama (controlled breathing), and meditation. Yoga incorporates all these elements working together to improve fitness and reduce stress.

Studies show that the daily yoga practice that you do on a yoga retreat reduces stress in a number of ways, allowing you to feel relaxed.

At our digital detox yoga retreats, twice daily yoga practice is an integral part of the program, allowing you to experience for yourself the different ways that yoga reduces stress.

  1. You’ll be active everyday, and it will feel great!

Whilst on our digital detox yoga retreats you will be active throughout your entire stay, not lying on a beach lounger or by a pool. Not only will you have daily group yoga practice on the retreat but you can also take part in other forms of light exercise including silent mindful walks and bike rides and (depending on the location) even some surfing!

This mix of daily yoga practice and other forms of light exercise will keep you active throughout the day, reducing stress and improving your sleep. And we guarantee this will leave you feeling much more refreshed and energised than a regular holiday.

  1. The food will be a revelation

One of the pleasures of going on holiday is trying new food. But finding a different restaurant every night or shopping and cooking daily can be time-consuming and not feel like much of a rest. There’s also the danger that you just end up eating the same sort of thing that you do at home.

However, on a digital detox yoga retreat each meal is prepared for you by our chefs onsite, allowing you to make full use of your time at the retreat. And because someone else is cooking for you, on a yoga retreat you will find yourself trying an amazing variety of food.

The chefs on our yoga retreats prepare a predominantly plant-based, mainly raw diet, with seasonal fruit and vegetables from local sources. A raw diet has great benefits including; increasing energy, improving skin tone and digestion. Even if you are not a vegetarian we guarantee you will love the food. Many people say it’s the best bit about being on a yoga retreat.

  1. The ‘holiday’ will come back home with you…

The toughest part about a holiday is heading back home and knowing that you can’t take it home with you! Granted, at a yoga retreat you still won’t be able to pack the stunning scenery in your bag with you, but you will be able to take some of the very best bits back home.

You will learn a lot about yoga, which you can practice when you return home. You might also find yourself wanting to experiment with the new types of food that you ate whilst on your retreat. Exercising and eating in a different way can bring long-lasting benefits. So in many ways you will be bringing your holiday back home.

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