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11 Jul
Summer Unplugged Challenge 2017

At Time To Log Off, we share great insight and tips on how you can learn to unplug and reap the benefits of a better online:offline balance. One of ways we love to do this is by setting a variety of digital detox challenges. You...

How To Really Unplug On Holiday - Digital Detox
14 Jun
How To Incorporate Digital Detox Into Your Summer Holiday

We love summer at Time To Log Off. It means longer days and warmer evenings for more time spent outside! We’ve been reflecting on summer holidays and how our escapes aren’t really the ‘escapes’ from reality they once were. Hands up, who still checks their...

Should your kids have a phone?
18 May
Phone Addiction and Children: When should kids get phones?

Our lifestyles have changed drastically in the last ten years since the iPhone was released. And not always for the better. Technology has invaded all aspects of our lives, promoting an 'always-on' culture which prevents us from unplugging and disconnecting. Something that is crucial, above...

Internet, social media and phone addiction in teenagers
13 Apr
Are our teens addicted to screens?

Teenagers and Internet Addiction Teenagers today have grown up immersed in technology. They literally can't remember a time before any answer was only a click away on Google Search. They carry their world around in their pocket, sharing their day-to-day adventures on Snapchat and Instagram. They're...

Ten Tips to Tame Teen Tech Time
28 Sep
10 Tips to Tame Teen Tech Time

Our addiction to technology is getting out of hand and one age group seems enthusiastic surfers; 12- to 15-year-olds, clock up 19 or more hours a week online, according to Ofcom. At Time To Log Off, we're determined to help you create a healthy balance between your...

21 Apr
Is technology addiction a generation game?

Spending too much time on technology is something we can all relate too, coming home from work and rather than switching off we switch the TV on and send the odd email to 'save time' in the office the next day. Some might believe that younger...

How much screen time is too much?
17 Mar
How much screen time is too much?

Modern life demands that we are surrounded by screens and it would be next-to-impossible to complete all the tasks we need to do, at least at work, without a screen. But how do we know when we have overdosed on screens and need a break?...

child mountain nature
14 Jan
5 tips for getting kids off screens

In a new survey, Action for Children asked parents “Which behaviour do you find most difficult to control?” The results, rather predictably, point towards getting our kids to put down their tech. The research found that almost a quarter of the parents who completed the survey agreed that...

girls in a field
03 Dec
5 great reasons to do a family digital detox

The need to do a regular digital detox for personal physical and mental health is growing. But how about doing one as a family? What are the benefits and reasons for everyone doing one together? Your children want you to do it [embed][/embed] In this video kids talk...