Children & Parents

log off
06 Sep
How to help your teen, and you, log off

As a parent it can feel like a constant battle to separate your child from their screens. Yet how many important family moments are we missing out on as parents because we’re looking at our smartphones? We expect our teenagers to log off but don’t...

Digital Wellbeing as a family
17 Jun
11 Ways to Guarantee Your Family’s Digital Wellbeing

Controlling your tech time as a family can be hard, and sometimes the temptation is just to give up! But if you want to ensure your family's digital wellbeing you have to keep at it - here are 11 approaches that just might help....

25 May
Is Our Internet Addiction Wrecking Family Life?

Parents complain about their children's screen use while children are increasingly unhappy about their parents' smartphone habits. Is it time we all looked at what our relationship with tech is doing to family life?...

smartphone addiction: ancient artifacts
13 May
Parenting With Screens: Making Tech Invisible at Home

My wife and I have a new rule in our household: we don’t look at our devices in front of our kids. This wasn't always the case but noticing our own smartphone habits seemed to be making the kids more keen to be glued to...

Digital detox for kids and families
22 Feb
Digital Detox for Kids: How to Help Them Unplug

Fed up with your family spending all their time on screens? Wondering what happened to meaningful conversation over dinner and having fun together? You’re not alone! 60% of UK parents think their kids spend too much time on their phone at home. But, forever banishing...

01 Feb
How To Stay Safe Online: 10 Tips for Teens

Every February, the world comes together to promote Safer Internet Day. It's an opportunity to spark a national and international conversation around safe and positive use of the internet for young people. Whether you're a parent or looking to refresh your own knowledge about staying...

Technology and childhood today
23 Nov
Children and Technology: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Think about your own childhood. Now think about that of your children or your friends' children. It's pretty different, right? It's not rocket science to recognise that technology has played a big role in this change. Today, our children are hyper-connected, digitally savvy individuals with...

How to get your teenager off their phone
07 Sep
How to get your teenager off their phone

You may have noticed, but at Time To Log Off, we love a mini series, whether that's in the form of a set of challenges, articles or collaborations. This time, we've put together a set of actionable 'how to' guides which are designed to help you...

11 Jul
Summer Unplugged Challenge 2017

At Time To Log Off, we share great insight and tips on how you can learn to unplug and reap the benefits of a better online:offline balance. One of ways we love to do this is by setting a variety of digital detox challenges. You...

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