Time To Log Off Digital Detox for better Sleep
16 Mar
Five amazing ways a digital detox helps you sleep better

Sleeping well is crucial for maintaining good health and looking our best. It's not rocket science that even a single bad night's sleep affects our concentration, alertness and mood. What's perhaps more surprising is that sustained sleep deprivation has been linked to serious health issues,...

5 ways a Digital Detox can help your Mental Health
12 Oct
5 ways a digital detox benefits your mental health

A digital detox can work wonders. Shutting off from technology for a given period of time can improve sleep and concentration, reduce stress, improve happiness, and even help with your mental health. At Time To Log Off, we've seen some amazing results at our digital detox retreats...

How to break your bad tech habits
18 Aug
8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy

We're a nation that's always switched on. Half of all UK adults admit to being 'completely hooked' on their smartphones and our digital addiction is making us unhappy. 62% of UK adults say they 'hate' how much time they spend on their phone. But we know that...

girl looking unhappy on the beach
30 Jun
Your smartphone is making you unhappy

Do you know how your smartphone is making you unhappy? Our smartphone is a huge part of our lives, carrying these small digital devices in our pockets daily is as common as getting dressed. They've practically become a part of our outfit, a permanent accessory glued...

10 Jun
Our digital detox retreats will make you happier

We've just collated all the findings from our latest digital detox retreats and the results are even more astounding than before. We asked our guests to self-record happiness, stress, sleep and focus and concentration both immediately before coming on the retreat and after. The picture the...

01 Jun
4 signs you’re at risk from digital burnout

What is digital burnout? Burnout is a psychological term that can refer to long-term exhaustion, as well as diminished interest in your work. Typically, burnout is the result of chronic occupational stress. These stresses overload the mind and therefore have other effects on the body. Digital burnout...

22 Apr
10 steps to declutter your digital life

Decluttering is on the rise, with more and more of us rebelling against consumer culture - as well as realising the effects that our surroundings can have on our minds. 'Cluttered house, cluttered mind' we chant, like a mantra, as we throw out the things...

17 Feb
Are you at risk from digital burnout?

Work burnout, caused by stress levels that affect job performance is recognised and understood. But what if there is a specific type of burnout related to our 'always on' 'hyper-connected' lifestyles that could be the underlying factor to our rising levels of stress? Burnout and stress Simply...

how does blue light affect sleep
21 Jan
Digital detox to reduce blue light exposure and improve sleep

One of things everyone tell us on our digital detox retreats is "I slept so well! I haven't slept that well in ages." Time and time again, those who do digital detox find that sleeping sounder and deeper, as well as waking up more refreshed and rested, is a key feature of...