10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

digital detox benefits

19 May 10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

Have you thought about taking a digital detox? To digitally detox is to set, and enjoy, time away from screens and technology. Digital detoxes are beneficial for our health and mindset, and after spending so much time on screens last year, it is time to give our bodies and minds a chance to rest and recuperate. There are many digital detox benefits, and you may pleasantly surprise yourself with the positive differences you feel by detoxing digitally.

1. To take back time for yourself

It can be overwhelming to be constantly online. Whether you are a serial scroller or constantly stress-checking your work emails, the constant stream of news and media can be stressful and difficult to process. Therefore, log off, and allow yourself time away from this virtual world. You will find that both your time and headspace free up.

2. To discover new hobbies, and rediscover old ones

Use the time you have taken back for yourself to do something you enjoy. In disconnecting, you give yourself a chance to immerse yourself in offline activities. You might even find that you develop new hobbies and interests, now that not so much of your free time is spent on technology.

3. For your sleep cycle

Technology wreaks havoc with our sleep cycle. Cutting it out squashes the temptation to use technology in the hours before we go to bed, or – even worse – lie in bed on our phones at night. Not interacting with technology in the hours leading up to our bedtime allows us to switch off and fall asleep easier. We will find ourselves better rested as a result.

4. For your eyes

Excess blue light is harmful to our eyes. It is therefore crucial that you give your eyes a rest from screens regularly. If you can make this a long break, even better! You will allow your eyes to properly rest, and likely find that you will experience less headaches and eye strain now that you are not spending so much time fixated on a screen.

5. For your posture

Our technology use makes it difficult to maintain good posture, and this can cause stress on our body. Giving yourself a break from sitting at a computer or being hunched over your phone protects your back, and may give you a better chance against suffering from back pain.

digital detox benefits

6. To relieve yourself from stress

Being constantly connected can be stressful. Turning of technology will allow you to properly switch off.

7. To enjoy the world around you

Not having a screen to focus on allows us to drink in the natural beauty of our surroundings. Use the time not on technology to get outside and appreciate the world we live in.

8. To break behavioural cycles

You might find yourself in a perpetual cycle of bad habits. For example, checking your phone first thing in the morning, or using technology whilst you eat. Removing technology from your daily routine will break these bad habits, and make you less inclined to readopt them.

9. For the people close to you

Plus, they will observe the positive changes in you thanks to your digital detox. We all worry about our loved ones, and want each other to be happy, so seeing you less stressed, less lethargic and in a brighter mood will bring joy to those close to you.

10. To develop better habits for the future

Prove to yourself that you can live without your tech. Learn to set time aside, away from screens, and then incorporate this into your daily life once you have completed your digital detox. This will help you develop a healthier relationship with technology, sustaining the digital detox benefits you will have experienced.

10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox
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10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox
There are many digital detox benefits; surprise yourself with the positive differences you feel by detoxing digitally.
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