Take Control

smartphone bingeing
19 Jul
3 Tricks To Control Your Smartphone Bingeing

Constantly need your phone around you? Can't give it up? Endlessly and pointlessly scrolling through time-wasting apps? Here are three tricks that will help you get your smartphone bingeing under control....

how much is too much social media
12 Jul
How much is too much social media?

Perhaps the most relatable form of digital addiction is social media addiction. We live in an age of scrolling and swiping. But how much is too much?...

Digital Wellbeing: The Power of No
11 Jul
The Power Of No

Overwhelmed with the demands from your smartphone and social media? There's one little word that might come to your rescue and help you disconnect....

How To Do A Digital Detox
09 Jul
How to do a digital detox

You've decided to do a digital detox and spend some time off screens. But what's the BEST way to do it? We'll distilled our wisdom from over four years of working in digital wellbeing into our fail-safe top five tips....

Social Media Outrage Keyboard Warriors
14 Jun
How Social Media Outrage Is Turning Us All Into Keyboard Warriors

We share things online largely because they stir our emotions in some way, and outrage makes us share things much more than humour or awe. But is getting riled-up about the injustices of the world turning us all into militant keyboard warriors, deaf to anyone...

A canopy of trees for Earth Day
19 Apr
5 Wonderful Ways to Unplug and Connect on Earth Day

At Time To Log Off, we encourage you to find balance with screens in a world where digital is dominant. We share the benefits of logging off and dedicating real time to the relationships that matter most - these can be our relationships with our loved ones, as well...

How to phone detox
17 Apr
8 good reasons to give up your smartphone

In these digital times, a smartphone is starting to feel like a necessity, but is it really? There are some apps that we might find difficult to stop using altogether, but would our lives be all that harder if we didn't have just one device...

Digital detox 10 thoughts everyone has on a digital detox
04 Mar
10 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Digital Detox 

We often share thought-provoking research around digital addiction, our top tips for unplugging and how switching off can benefit your lifestyle, from your sleep, to your attention span. This time, we thought we’d lighten things up and describe the ten phases you experience during a...