Analogue Alternatives

Creative Quarantining: Royal School of Needlework
04 May
Creative Quarantining: #3 Sewing

The third in our 'creative quarantining' resource round-ups puts together ideas of how you can sew with others (apart)!...

Digital Detox podcast: Its Complicated
24 Apr
Dip into our Digital Detox Podcast Library

Dip into our full back catalogue of three seasons of 'It's Complicated'; the digital detox podcast to help you untangle your relationship with your phone....

Creative Quarantining: Pandemic Activities
13 Apr
Creative Quarantining: #2 Cooking

The second in our 'creative quarantining' resource round-ups brings together ideas on how you can cook together (apart) and learn some new skills....

Creative Quarantining: Pandemic Activities
05 Apr
Creative Quarantining: #1 Making Music

We're putting together resources on quarantine activities you can do that involve more than just staring at a screen (because there's a lot of that right now). For the first round-up in the series here's some suggestions on how you can make music:...

digital detox and GPS
15 Mar
What is GPS doing to our brains?

Over-reliance on GPS means we're losing confidence in our own wayfinding abilities; missing out on opportunities to engage the hippocampus area of our brain which plays an important role in mental health....

Christmas before Instagram
11 Dec
In praise of Christmas before Instagram

This year, let’s remember what Christmas was like before Instagram. When we see people, let’s just hug and chat and natter and laugh, without having to share anything, other than a bottle of fizz and their magnificent company....

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