Dip into our Digital Detox Podcast Library

Digital Detox podcast: Its Complicated

24 Apr Dip into our Digital Detox Podcast Library

Entertainment during the pandemic doesn’t have to mean staring at a screen. Dip into our back catalogue of chats from our digital detox podcast to find out how people from all walks of life get a good screen:life balance;

digital minimalism podcast Cal Newport

Professor and author Cal Newport talks about his philosophy of ‘digital minimalism’ and why he has never had a social media account.

Listen here.



digital detox podcast Kristina Karlsson

Founder of international lifestyle business kikki.k, Kristina Karlsson talks on the digital detox podcast about how to juggle life as an entrepreneur whilst still getting a good work:life and tech:life balance. 

Listen here.


digital detox podacst johaan hari

New York Times best-selling author and TED speaker Johann Hari talks about addiction, depression, anxiety and community and how we’re all looking for connection in the wrong places. 

Listen here.


digital detox podcast Ben FogleAward-winning explorer and UN Patron of the Wilderness Ben Fogle and his wife Marina talk about the challenges of parenting, and being a mindful partner, in the age of smartphones. 

Listen here.


digital detox podcast Tim Lovejoy

Journalist and TV presenter Tim Lovejoy chats about his phone addiction and having a thin skin in a world of 24:7 celebrity culture, including what he said to Will.i.am when he started browsing his phone live on air. 

Listen here.


eWaste podcast iFixitKelsea Weber from global repair community iFixit, talks about the environmental impact of our smartphone habits and what we can all do to counter the growing mountain of eWaste.

Listen here.



digital detox podcast Dan Kennedy

Celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy discusses maintaining focus in a permanently distracted world and how he has designed his working life to minimise distraction and maximise productivity.

Listen here.


digital wellbeing podcast Shahroo Izardi

Behavioural Change Specialist Shahroo Izardi talks on our digital detox podcast about the secret behind developing, and sustaining, healthy habits and how to apply that to our phone habits.

Listen here.


digital wellness podcast Vybarr Cregan Reid

Professor Vybarr Cregan-Reid talks about what our smartphone and tech habits are doing to our bodies, from text neck to eyesight and sleep issues.

Listen here.



digital wellbeing podcast Cindy Gallop

Social sex entrepreneur Cindy Gallop talks about why she believes online porn has become sex eduction by default, and why she’s pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference.

Listen here.


digital wellbeing podcast Tom Watson

The former Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party, Tom Watson, chats in a special lockdown episode about what this unprecedented period of intimate isolation may mean for our relationship with tech, and about the levels of abuse politicians routinely have to put up with online.

Listen here.

digital wellbeing podcast BadAss CrossStitch

‘Craftivist’ and Founder of Badass CrossStitch Shannon Downey talks about using social media for good to connect communities across a physical divide and how keeping our hands busy stops them grabbing for our phones!

Listen here.


digital citizenship podcast Seyi AkiwowoActivist and campaigner Seyi Akiwowo talks about what we can all do to stem the uncontrollable tide of online abuse and learn to be better digital citizens along the way.

Listen here.



digital wellbeing podcast Kaushal Beauty

Influencer power couple Vex King and Kaushal Beauty talk about they get screen:life balance with their huge online followings of over 3 million between them, and how they’re using their platforms to give back.

Listen here.



We’d love to get feedback from you on what sort of guests and topics you’d like to see on Season Four of the podcast. Drop us a line with any thoughts, or any feedback on the first three seasons. Let us know who was your favourite episode so far, and why! Stay safe everyone and keep using your screen time wisely.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Dip into our digital detox podcast library
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Dip into our digital detox podcast library
We're here for you during the pandemic and finding entertainment for you that doesn't involve staring at a screen! Dip into our back catalogue of our digital detox podcast for some soothing audio to help you with your screen habits.
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