Creative Quarantining: #3 Sewing

Creative Quarantining: Royal School of Needlework

04 May Creative Quarantining: #3 Sewing

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We’re here for you during the pandemic and putting together resources on activities you can do during quarantine that involve more than just staring at a screen (because there’s a lot of that right now). We’re making an effort to find groups that might be connecting online, but are then using that connection to engage in a real-world activity – together. The first two the series were about making music and cooking, and this week here’s some suggestions on how you can sew along with others;

Badass Crossstitch, a community organiser and brilliant sewer who has been on our podcast, is running loads of virtual ‘stitch ups’ and classes to connect sewers during quarantine, from beginners who need help to the more advanced who can provide it. She also provides patterns for making masks and many more things that we need during the pandemic so we can sew together to help each other. The Royal School of Needlework is also running a more structured online introduction to embroidery amongst other courses. This class runs online and over the course of a day (May 14th) and on it you will learn how to sew a rainbow in support of the NHS. They even send the supplies to you, so get sewing!

If you’re working in a job that still requires regular hours you may struggle to join one of the online classes, but do not fear there are loads of other ways you can get sewing! Wool and the Gang is a company which sends kits to you so you can make your own clothes, from blankets to jumpers and cardigans. Once you’ve ordered the materials you can start sewing at any time and maybe come out of the quarantine with a new outfit or gift for someone you haven’t been able to see.

If making something from scratch seems a bit too much like hard work then consider mending the clothes you already have. Best Dressed is a YouTube channel we have featured before who often does videos on how to mend or reimagine the clothes we already have. You can come out of quarantine fashion forward without even having to leave your house or buy any new clothes!

Keep checking back as we’ll update this post with new ways to create and innovate in quarantine sewing as we find them!

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe, and remember to keep using your screen time wisely!

Let's Get Creative Quarantining
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Let's Get Creative Quarantining
In our 'Creative Quarantining" series, We're tracking down groups that are connecting online right now, but are then using that connection to engage in a real-world activity - together. In the third round-up in the series here's some suggestions on how you can sew together!
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