Author: Isabella Ward

disaster porn
25 Apr
Let’s Ditch Disaster Porn

Media coverage of catastrophes used to evoke compassion and inspire us to take action. Has over-exposure to so-called disaster porn ruined that?...

tech life balance
05 Dec
FinTech and our Tech Life Balance: Market News

Before the release of IOS 10, iPhone users could not delete the 'Stocks' app from their phone. Still, every iPhone comes loaded with that application, under the presumption that this is a crucial feature for its users. That's not unreasonable to think: smartphones, with their...

19 Jul
Phone Addiction: Spotting The Symptoms And Taking The Next Steps

Phone addiction is a difficult thing to quantify. We all have so many different reasons to use our phone - from monitoring work emails, to sending funny photos to the family group chat - that there is no easy way to define phone addiction...

digital detox research
05 Jul
The Latest In Digital Detox Research

We review the latest digital detox research - how tech habits have changed since the pandemic began, and how this has impacted our wellbeing....

digital detox benefits
19 May
10 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

There are many digital detox benefits; surprise yourself with the positive differences you feel by detoxing digitally....

get off screens and connect with nature
12 May
Bee the Change for Mental Health Week

Ideas for getting off screens and connecting with nature to boost your mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. Today - bumble bees!...

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