14 Feb
#LogOffForLove This Valentines Day 2022

On Valentines Day 2022 make sure you're prioritising your relationship over your devices by making a conscious effort to log off for love....

Digital Detox Challenge for Valentine's Day
08 Feb
Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge

It’s hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Offers and campaigns featuring roses and romance are flooding our email inboxes and social feeds. But, this year, wouldn’t it be nice to give your other half something altogether more meaningful? Our frequent readers...

smartphone lovers
07 Feb
Valentine’s Day Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, we've turned our attention to the state of modern day romance.  Technology has given many a helping hand in finding love through dating sites and apps like and Tinder. Since its conception, Tinder has recorded 25 million users...

digital detox challenge header
11 Feb
Valentine’s Day 7 Days to Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove

It's nearly Valentine's Day, and we've been thinking - what would our loved ones really love this Valentine's Day? And we realised - it's our presence, not presents. It's already been proven that smartphones are ruining our relationships, so shouldn't we give smartphones up for our partners...

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