Why we’re launching a digital detox online course

digital detox course

03 Sep Why we’re launching a digital detox online course

This September we are launching one of our most exciting new projects: a digital detox course. For years we’ve been debating whether we should run a course on screens – after all the course is teaching you to log off the screens you’re taking the course on! But Covid-19 decided us.

Screen time has simply rocketed in the pandemic. OfCom has found that we are now spending 4 hours online a day in the UK. The National Australian Broadband Association found that screen time increased by 70-80% in Australia 2020 and in the US, three-quarters of American families felt that there was an increased need for them to do a digital detox this year.

There has never been a greater need for, and simultaneously more restrictions on, providing our services. It has been quite a dilemma.

We realised, like many organisations, that the pandemic meant we couldn’t take people on retreats around the world, and our founder couldn’t give talks in schools and at corporate events. We came to the realisation that creating an online course would allow us to overcome this, and mean we could reach a much wider audience at a more affordable price. And we’ve always been advocates of tech where it helps, rather than harms. So, during the lockdown, we worked away and now it’s ready!

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone who struggles in their relationship with technology. Over the years we have taken hundreds on retreats and spoken to thousands from schools to corporate talk to festivals and big public events such as StylistLive in London. We know the need is there. Everyone we speak to from young teenagers to CEOs, feels they have a problem with their screen habits and wants to change them for the better. This course is designed for all of them. Our advice can be tailored to fit any lifestyle and is universal in its application. This course is for you if you:

  • Are desperate for a proper break but can never seem to log off from work
  • Waste too much time in your day endlessly scrolling
  • Are struggling with sleep/ concentration or creativity, related to screen use
  • Simply want to learn simple techniques to help you switch off more

No matter your occupation, age, or geographic location you will get something out of this course. You can start it whenever you like and complete it at your own pace. All you need is an internet connection, a device and an eagerness to learn.

What do you get?

The course is designed to be six weeks long (but you can take it at your own pace), and over that time we will guide you through four weeks of learning about technology addiction and methods to help you log off, followed by a two week digital detox which we support you through. That means that you get:

  • 13x videos from our founder, Tanya Goodin, explaining the content and motivating you along the journey
  • 2x quizzes unique to the course to help you quantify your tech addiction and the beginning of the course and the change by the end
  • Curated weekly reading lists chock-full of information
  • Weekly quizzes to ascertain your understanding
  • 3x downloadable resources unique to the course, full of tips and which you can use beyond the course to keep you on track
  • And access to support from both the team at Time To Log Off and your fellow pupils
digital detox online course
60% Early Bird Discount until 14th September 2020

For the first week we have a HUGE discount of 60% off (until the 14th of September) so sign-up whilst the discount lasts!

We are so excited for you to join us on the journey to digital wellbeing and a more balanced tech-life routine!

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