digital wellbeing in lockdown
30 May
Digital Wellbeing: What is it?

Many and varied definitions of digital wellbeing exist. These are our seven principles to help you achieve a balanced relationship with tech....

digital detox solutions
23 Oct
5 Reasons to do a Digital Detox Course

This past September we launched our very first digital detox course! For years now we have been advocating the need to switch off from the online world and rebalance our digital habits. During lockdown, this was amplified around the world as we relied on tech...

digital detox course
03 Sep
Why we’re launching a digital detox online course

This September we are launching one of our most exciting new projects: a digital detox course. For years we've been debating whether we should run a course on screens - after all the course is teaching you to log off the screens you're taking the...

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