Our digital detox podcast, It’s Complicated, is back for Season 4

Digital Detox Podcast: It's Complicated returns for Season 4

29 Jun Our digital detox podcast, It’s Complicated, is back for Season 4

Season 4 of our digital detox podcast is here! It’s Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Our Phones returned on UK Unplugging Day, kicking off with guest three times Olympic champion Pete Reed OBE, former Team GB rower.

Since the digital detox podcast launch in 2019, Time to Log Off founder Tanya Goodin has sat down with a variety of high profile guests to discuss their relationship with their phone and the digital world. This season will see a new set of guests open up about their tech-life balance, as they share with us their tips and tricks for healthy phone habits.

This coming season we can look forward to hearing from YouTuber Jack Edwards, fitness entrepreneur Grace Beverley and Instagram meme-page running Dave Tarnowski.

Grace Beverley, fitness entrepreneur, Season Four

We really want to get to the bottom of our relationship with screens and our behaviour online, so this season will also feature a focus on talking to scientists and academics. Tanya will be talking to Berkeley behavioural scientist Prof Juliana Shroeder, consultant neurologist and sleep physician Dr Guy Leschziner, and Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. With guests such as these delving deep into our behaviour, we hope to uncover further how we can help ourselves change our habits for the better.

Previous seasons of our podcast have seen a wide range of guests – from professors, to influencers and reality TV stars – share and break down their phone habits with us. In Season 1 we discussed with Ben and Marina Fogle the challenges of parenting in the age of screens. We also chatted to journalist and TV presenter Tim Lovejoy about phone addiction and the celebrity culture our online habits are intrinsically linked to.

Season 2 then saw us focus more on lifestyle, as we learnt from Hinge CEO Justin McLeod about how our smartphone habits have harmed our dating. We encouraged listeners to build a more sustainable relationship with their tech: an episode with Kelsea Weber from iFixit taught us that we could and should be fixing our own tech. We also talked a lot about our online habits. We spoke to ethical hacker Scott McGready about how we can keep ourselves safe online, and what habits put us in danger of fraud, as well as Ben Bidwell on depictions of masculinity, and how to build positive male role models online, in the age of smartphones.  

Jamie Laing, TV personality, Season Three

Listen back to Season 3, in which we had an eye-opening discussion with Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing on the online scrutiny celebrities are faced with, and what he chooses to keep private in the age of sharing. That season, we also spoke to craftivist Sharon Downey, social-sex entrepreneur Cindy Gallop and ex-Love Island contestant ‘Dr Alex’, Alex George. 

Lockdown has seen us become more reliant on tech than ever before, and trying to establish a healthy screen-time balance may now seem more even more daunting. It is our hope that our digital detox podcast It’s Complicated will help untangle and break down your approach to achieving a healthy digital-analogue life balance.  It’s Complicated reiterates that establishing good tech habits is a shared challenge; after all, we’re all in this together!

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Our digital detox podcast, It's Complicated, is back with season 4
Our digital detox podcast, It's Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Our Phones returns with a fourth season.
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