#ScrollFreeSeptember is back, better than ever!

Scroll Free September: digital detox campaign

22 Jul #ScrollFreeSeptember is back, better than ever!

#ScrollFreeSeptember is back and it’s better than ever! Last year we encouraged you to engage with the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) initiative #ScrollFreeSeptember. Whether you want to go cold turkey, improve your productivity, or get better sleep, cutting back your tech use could help. Last year over 3/4 of the people who engaged in #ScrollFreeSeptember said it improved their mental health, 2/3 said it made them more productive and 3/4 said it improved their focus on those around them. So why wouldn’t you sign up to go scroll-free for September?

In 2018 we highlighted the different ways you could choose to unplug for September, and today we will show you how to keep motivated with some top tips because we know how addictive screens can be!

Top tips

Out of sight, out of mind

Get rid of temptation by deleting or simply moving social media apps from your devices. The extra time it takes to find the app could help you to think about what you are doing and to stop! Often clicking on the icons is a habit and not what you really want to be doing. You could also try using a ‘dumbphone‘, or putting your smartphone onto ‘airplane mode‘ so that you cannot use your data on social media.

Do it together

What about convincing your friends to do it with you? Talking to them about their progress will deepen your friendship. You will have more free time so it will be easier to see each other face-to-face and bond in the real world! Not only that but without the excuse of social media, you will have to be there for each other in a stronger way this month!


Try to remember what made you sign up for #ScrollFreeSeptember. Was it that you were tired of a whole summer’s worth of looking at others’ Instas? Was it that you are losing your creativity? Was it that you need to be more present for your family or work? Whatever the reason, you will be able to improve these qualities if you stick at it. Soon you will see the rewards!

Enjoy it!

As we advocate frequently at Time to Log Off, digital detoxes can provide you with more time and energy to fulfil your passions. You will be able to spend more time with your family and friends;  you can begin to cook more and better; you could take up a hobby and get your body moving again.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do now that you are not simply scrolling! And if you want a bit of practice before September why not take part in our #SummerUnplugged challenge to get you warmed up?

digital detox book

For more tips and tricks to keep the whole family happy off screens, our book Stop Staring at Screens (aptly named) is out in the UK, the US and now in Italy. Pick up a copy here.

#ScrollFreeSeptember is back - better than ever!
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#ScrollFreeSeptember is back - better than ever!
Join in the UK-wide campaign to get everyone to stop scrolling on social media for the month of September.
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Time To Log Off
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