tech life balance
05 Dec
FinTech and our Tech Life Balance: Market News

Before the release of IOS 10, iPhone users could not delete the 'Stocks' app from their phone. Still, every iPhone comes loaded with that application, under the presumption that this is a crucial feature for its users. That's not unreasonable to think: smartphones, with their...

digital detox research
05 Jul
The Latest In Digital Detox Research

We review the latest digital detox research - how tech habits have changed since the pandemic began, and how this has impacted our wellbeing....

digital addiction
12 Feb
Dealing With Digital Addiction

If you think you may be addicted to your technology, here are steps you can take to rebuild and rebalance your relationship with tech....

2020 peak screen
15 Dec
Was 2020 The Year Of Peak Screen?

The time we spent on our screens increased dramatically this year, both for good, and for bad. Is 2020 the year we reached peak screen?...

excess blue light at night? Do a digital detox.
01 Nov
Is Excess Blue Light Your Pandemic Side Effect?

Nighttime used to be dark. Now, however, it's lit up by electric lights, television screens and smartphones. Our bodies, and in particular our sleep cycles, are suffering as a result. 45% of people admit to checking their phone after they have gone to bed, wreaking havoc...

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