Digital Detox Friends #2: The Trigg Life Mapper

Trigg Life Mapper flatlay

12 Aug Digital Detox Friends #2: The Trigg Life Mapper

Digital Detox Friends

Introducing our new series: Digital Detox Friends. This series focuses on analogue, digital detox-inspired products which help users find a better relationship with technology, and ultimately, themselves. We personally never recommend using apps to help you reduce your tech time – it’s totally counter-intuitive to us. Instead, we’re sharing alternative solutions which really will help you on your digital detox journey to a better online:offline balance. And with that comes a whole host of benefits. Above all, you’re making the decision to priortise your physical and mental health.

The first digital detox friend we featured was Punkt, designers of the MP o1 phone. In their guest post, they shared why their analogue alternative to a smartphone makes for the perfect holiday companion. Yet again reminding us that taking our smartphones everywhere is not always a ‘smart’ choice.

Meet the Trigg Life Mapper

Now our attention turns to our second digital detox friend; the Trigg Life Mapper. This page-a-day ‘productivity companion’ aims to help you find the perspective you need to achieve your life goals and ambitions. It’s designed for those of us who are digitally distracted and professionally stressed. In other words, for those of us who lose perspective on our goals because we priortise urgent, but less important tasks over our ambitions. By filling out a page each day, this meticulously designed journal takes you on a journey towards achieving your goals, while reaping the benefits of mindfulness, gratitude, reflection and productivity.

Review of the Trigg Life Mapper

Trigg Life Mapper Mindfulness Book

It’s what’s in the inside that counts…

To give you a little more insight into just how a Trigg Life Mapper could help you unplug, here’s what to expect as you turn the pages.

Trigg Life Mapper for mindfulness

10 key features of the Trigg Life Mapper

  • ‘Annual Forecast’ section outlines your main goals
  • ‘Personal Manifesto’ details your core desires and behaviour
  • A weekly planner page highlights key aims before your week begins
  • A daily productivity quad helps you decide what’s really important each day
  • A weekly gratitude section ensures you enjoy your week’s highlights
  • A weekly reflection section helps you develop from both successes and failures
  • A daily inspirational quote
  • A weekly ‘call to action’
  • A six month review section checks your progress
  • A final annual review section reviews all you have learnt from the year’s obstacles and all you have achieved

Inspirational quotes inside the Trigg Life Mapper

5 great quotes and ‘Trigg Points’ from the Trigg Life Mapper

  • “Take a break. Even the most attuned minds can only work effectively for 120 minutes without a rest.” – Trigg Point
  • “There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way”  – Christopher Morley, American journalist
  • “Every moment is a fresh beginning” – T.S. Eliot
  • “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion” – Simon Sinek, author
  • “Start to hone your priorities by thinking ‘no’ by default. You probably regret muttering ‘yes’ more often than you say ‘no’.” – Trigg Point

Why the Trigg Life Mapper gets our approval

  • The Life Mapper is designed as an antidote to digital distraction. We love the high quality feel of the journal; it’s refreshing to get your hands on 90 gsm paper and pen down your thoughts, rather than type another almost meaningless message or email. It’s the perfect way to spend some time offline.
  • It feeds both gratitude and ambition, which together can help you become a happier person.
  • The Life Mapper encourages us to care for our offline relationships, which is something we’re passionate about at Time To Log Off.
  • Every sale of a Trigg Life Mapper makes a contribution towards mental health charity MIND.

Trigg Point in the digital detox Trigg Life Mapper

Trigg Life Mapper Journal

It may be difficult at first to make time or even remember to fill out a journal such as this every day. But we believe it’s well worth it. Perhaps you could swap scrolling through your social feeds last thing at night for filling out a page-a-day in bed? We don’t need to remind you just how important it is to enjoy regular screen breaks and ensure you get that all-important shut-eye. After dedicating time to your goals, you’ll not only feel more accomplished with more spare time, but you’ll also have a year-long diary to reflect upon going forward. Well done Trigg, you’ve created the perfect analogue escape from our claustrophobic digital culture.

You can pre-order your 2018 Trigg Life Mapper here.


Digital Detox Friends #2: Trigg Life Mapper
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Digital Detox Friends #2: Trigg Life Mapper
Introducing our new series, Digital Detox Friends. This series is all about sharing some fantastic analogue-inspired products to help you find a better online:offline balance.
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