Day #25 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

26 Jan Day #25 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge is all about introducing you to some simple ways to develop a healthy relationship with your phone in 2017!

On Day 9 of our challenge, we asked you to leave your phone behind every time you took a bathroom break (we know from our digital detox retreat guests that over 60% of them use their phones on the loo!). Today we’re extending the no-phone bathroom zone and suggesting;

Day 25 – take a bath tonight and make it completely phone-free!

We’re going to have to be honest here and admit we’ve dropped our phones in the bath before. And more than a few times too! What is it about our addiction to our phones that means we can’t even leave them behind when we take a bath? Why can’t we just relax and enjoy the experience without feeling the need to check emails or messages? (Those of you who prefer a shower have a bit of an advantage here as we know the temptation to check is slightly less than in a bath!).

Today we want you to enjoy a bath phone-free. Banish your smartphone from the bathroom completely and take a few minutes for yourself to pause, be mindful and enjoy the experience. You really don’t need to use this time to keep up-to-date on social media, messages or the news. Just lie back and enjoy.

Our inability to switch off from technology, even in the moments when we need to unplug and recharge, is seriously impacting our ability to handle stress and our mental health. And cases of digital burnout continue to rise in our constantly connected world. Take time tonight to remind yourself how relaxing a few minutes without your phone can be.

Check back tomorrow for Day 26. The digital detox challenge videos are all on our YouTube channel. Use the hashtag #30DayDigitalDetoxChallenge on Twitter to tweet and update us on how you’ve got on today!

30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
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30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge will help you set boundaries around your technology use and develop a HEALTHY relationship with your phone.
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