My Digital Detox Experience – Helen


09 Nov My Digital Detox Experience – Helen

Our Digital Detox Experience testimonial series provide an opportunity for our retreat guests to describe the positive experience they have had logging off. We hope that their stories will inspire you to consider a digital detox of your own. This week is Helen, who considers herself “the worst culprit” when it comes to her digital usage!

“I’m sure I’m not alone!”

“At home I’m the worst culprit … I could be watching TV, and then checking my phone … I could be online, maybe following something on Twitter whilst watching TV … so there’s multi-tasking going on and it’s a little bit much … I’m sure I’m not alone!” What Helen describes has become very normal throughout the country: so no, she is definitely not alone. ‘Digital multitasking’ has become common practice. At Time to Log  Off we believe that time away from any sort of device is time well spent, so time away from using multiple devices is definitely recommended.

“You start the digital detox weekend as a group of strangers and you become friends by the end of it”

“It’s been great to take some walks … to have conversations with people rather than relying on a phone.” At our retreats we really encourage real-life interaction, and with a number of digital-free activities put on during the retreat there is plenty of opportunity to have genuine phone-free conversations. “We found joy and pleasure in being in each other’s company!”

“It’s all about balance – not about doing away with it”

“I think people should have an enforced period – whatever they’re comfortable with; whatever they can manage.” This is one of the points that we emphasise here at Time to Log Off. We would never suggested a complete digital cull, but  rather ‘periods’ of detox. Whatever you are comfortable with will really make a huge difference to stress levels and general wellbeing. “It’s all about balance … because there’s lots of positives things about the technology we have today … I just think it’s healthy to find that balance in life.” As Helen reiterates, there are a lot of good things about our phones and digital gadgets, but overuse of screens can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Finding the right balance is key.

My Digital Detox Experience - Helen
My Digital Detox Experience - Helen

Helen, a guest on a Time To Log Off digital detox retreat, talks about her experience and how she would encourage others to try it!

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