5 surprising things that happen when you put down your smartphone

06 Jul 5 surprising things that happen when you put down your smartphone

In the world we live smartphones have become almost an extension of our arm. The phone is never not on your person and all spare time is occupied scrolling from one social media platform to the next; Though there are benefits, smart phones often cause more problems than they solve suggesting putting them down for a change might be a great idea. Here are a few things we’ll find when you put down your smartphone;


Science has shown that using your smart phone before bed suppresses the production of melatonin, the chemical that triggers sleep, meaning you are more alert and it is far more difficult to fall asleep. Without your device you can get a good night’s sleep, feel more rested and be in a far better mood the next day.
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During the many hours that you spend wrapped up in the world of your smart phone you have your head down and your shoulders hunched. This closes off your vision and your ability to notice the small things in everyday life. Keeping your head up allows you both to appreciate your surroundings and avoid bumping into things!


There is a strong link between smart phones and stress levels; time spent on your device can cause you
to be late, or miss a  tube stop, or miss an important meeting, not a surprise given the level of smart phone dependency adults admit to. Removing this distraction allows you to stay switched on and reduce worry that you are missing something.



The amount of time spent each day trawling through social media worried that you’re missing out on that event your friend is at, or annoyed at the number of likes you’re getting on your most recent post is significant. You don’t realise it but on average you spend 1.72 hours a day aimlessly scrolling through feeds and pictures. Removing your smartphone from the equation removes the social pressure and anxiety along with the threat of other potential social media related problems.

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Not many people know but overuse of smart phones is actually harming your posture; it’s so easy to see on the tube everyone hunched in a world of smartphone completely disconnected from reality. To add to this there are also strong links between smartphone and internet use and depression.  Without your smartphone your posture can improve, you will sit up more and mentally you will feel more switched-on and connected to what is happening around you.

Clearly a switch off is hugely beneficial for both stress levels and your mind. If you’re thinking about taking it one step further then checking out one of our digital detox retreats might be for you. In a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful part of the world these can help enormously in curbing a smartphone obsession! In the meantime try to switch off and log off and connect to the world around you.

5 surprising things that happen when you put down your smartphone
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5 surprising things that happen when you put down your smartphone
5 surprising things that happen when you put down your smartphone you hadn't thought about.
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