Is technology addiction a generation game?

21 Apr Is technology addiction a generation game?

Spending too much time on technology is something we can all relate too, coming home from work and rather than switching off we switch the TV on and send the odd email to ‘save time’ in the office the next day.

Some might believe that younger generations are glued to their electrical devices and always logged on but this isn’t necessarily true. We are all guilty of spending too much time distracted by our devices and not enough time paying attention to our real life. Something we all need to spend more time thinking about is the healthy balance between our tech life and our real life.

A recent Nielsen global survey looked into which generation is distracted by technology at mealtimes and who spent the most time glued to technology when eating. The results highlight how we’re using technology as a distraction from real life situations.


Why a balanced tech diet is important

Generation Z

Why a balanced tech diet is important

The teenagers of the world – the same ones that apparently never get off of their games consoles or computers – actually spend the least time distracted by technology. With the copious amount of research advising parents how much screen time is too much for children, it would seem that this generation might be finding other ways to cut tech time.


Why a balanced tech diet is important

Although millennials are known for scrolling through social media and constantly picking their phones up to check their notifications, they’re not necessarily the most distracted by technology. The study reveals that just 40% of millennials are guilty of letting tech distract them during meal times.

This shows that most millennials understand the balance between real life and tech and can actually put down their phones during social situations.

Generation x

Why a balanced tech diet is important

Guilty of not switching off after work and replying to work emails before they even get out of bed each morning, it is no surprise that 45% of Generation X get distracted by tech during meal times. Being unable to switch off from work can cause digital burnout and it is important to find a healthy work/life balance.

Baby Boomers

Why a balanced tech diet is important

Baby Boomers aged 50-64 are surprisingly the most likely to get distracted by technology during meal times with 52% admitting to using technology whilst eating. The older generation spends the most amount of time watching tv compared to any other generation, and it is likely that they do not switch off during meal times.

Silent Generation

Why a balanced tech diet is important

The percentage of the silent generation that become distracted by technology during meal times is also surprisingly high, with 42% admitting to using technology. Again this is due to the amount of time spent watching TV with the older generation.

The study highlights that in such a variety of age groups we are all distracted by technology, even at times when we should be focusing on something else.

Technology is a big part of our lives and for good reason, in most cases we are dependent on technology for certain aspects of our lives. During work hours and during our home lives we will need to use technology. However, technology can be a huge unnecessary distraction.

At Time to Log Off, we want people to create a balance between technology and real life. Simply putting all technology down during meal times and focusing on real life is one small step. Our digital detox retreats are an amazing experience for anyone who needs to discover the benefits of putting technology down once in a while can give.

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