5 tips to break your bad tech habits

How to break your bad tech habits

07 Apr 5 tips to break your bad tech habits

We all have bad habits in life and with the current growth of digital addiction, it seems that we are starting to form bad tech habits. Most of us won’t realise these habits are bad, and more than likely, we think that they’re completely normal.

However, we need a paradigm shift in thought – checking your emails before bed, checking your phone while at the gym and scrolling through social media at dinner is not normal.

When it comes to reducing your digital footprint, we don’t encourage you to step away from digital altogether, but instead, to find a good balance and be aware of your habits.

We recommend that every once in a while you disconnect from your digital devices and reconnect with the real world. To help you do that, we have five tips to help you break your bad tech habits.

#1 Turn off work email

Work takes up a huge chunk of our life already, and many of us will get home and continue to reply to our emails. We understand that work is important and we can’t switch off from digital all day, but, we can switch off once we leave the office.

Replying to your emails outside of work hours is a bad habit to get into. By simply turning off work emails from your phone you will reduce stress, be more productive and be less distracted.

#2 Text less and talk more

How to break your bad tech habits

We are all guilty of sending unnecessary texts to our friends, we’re in the habit of texting to make plans because we think it’s easier. But is it?

Sending texts back and forth can take quite some time, whereas a quick phone call will solve it in just a few minutes. Being aware of how much you use your phone to text and making a conscious effort to talk on the phone more will break this habit and reduce your time on your phone.

#3 Turn off social notifications

Push notifications of any kind are a huge digital distraction, even if you do not instantly respond to them. As soon as we get a notification to let us know we have a new like on our latest Instagram pic, it reminds us we need to catch up on our feed.

By turning off push notifications for our social media apps it will help to reduce the time we spend mindlessly scrolling.

#4 Treat yourself to tech free weekends

How to break your bad tech habits

We all spend too much time glued to our digital devices, which is a bad habit in itself. One of our top tips is to log off each weekend. We understand that throughout the week it can be difficult to switch off completely, due to work and other commitments.

Our 5:2 Digital Diet promotes switching off at the weekend and encourages you to spend time with loved ones.

#5 Stop scrolling through social, when being sociable

If you go out for dinner, to the gym, shopping in town or even on a night out you will be guaranteed to see someone scrolling through social media on their phone.

Next time you go out with friends or family we urge you to leave your phone at home, or just switch it off and leave it in your pocket. Breaking the habit of constantly looking through your phone when out will result in you becoming more sociable.

Breaking your bad tech habits will reduce your time spent on your digital devices and result in you feeling more refreshed and productive. Our digital detox retreats are perfect for logging off completely and reconnecting with yourself and nature.

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