Analogue Pleasures #2: I am here now (book)

04 Feb Analogue Pleasures #2: I am here now (book)

Our purpose and philosophy at Time To Log Off is to encourage everyone to regain a bit of balance in their lives. To put down digital screens more and spend more time back in the real world. But for a generation reared on social media and the Internet, sometimes it’s hard to come up with off-screen activities for your digital detox days. We’ve launched a video series devoted to analogue things that we love to do that you might like to try. Books, workshops, things to do outside in nature, creative projects. Anything in fact that doesn’t involve a screen – and all things that you can fill your digital detox off-screen time with.

In the second review in the Analogue Pleasures series, we’re looking at a book we give out on our retreats – I am here now. It’s a mindfulness book that we first discovered in 2015. It’s become a favourite amongst the team for its ‘Wreck This Journal’ style and innovative way of teaching mindfulness.

I am here now markets itself as a creative mindfulness guide and journal, and is produced by The Mindfulness Project – who are also based in London. We’re big fans of their work, and have been since they started in 2013. The Time To Log Off team did some of their mindfulness courses last year, which is how we heard about the book.

As well as giving a nice intro to mindfulness to those who are unfamiliar with it, the book covers exercises on how to practice mindfulness to your everyday life. After that, it becomes an ‘exercise’ book – with creative ideas of things you can do to be more mindful. One page encourages you to staple a leaf in the middle, while another has you spray your perfume all over it.

We love this book. The way it teaches mindfulness even appealed to our most cynical and resistant friends, and the activities it advises are an innovative and refreshing way to look at mindfulness. Don’t forget, if you fancy a copy of the book, we give them out on our digital detox retreats. 😉

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