2016 Digital Detox Internship Programme Now Open

11 Jan 2016 Digital Detox Internship Programme Now Open

12 Week Internship Programme

Want to be part of a new social movement? Are you a technology geek but get that the amount of time we are all now spending on screens is excessive? Do you love the digital world but also understand the importance of spending time outside in nature? Do you want to help create a world where real face-time outweighs digital facetime? Where family is more important than phones? Do you have ideas that will inspire others to get off-grid, and get excited when debating the social implications of our technology use?

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 digital detox Internship Programme in west London. Five passionate, enthusiastic, creative and dynamic individuals will join the Time to Log Off (TTLO) team for 12 weeks of creativity, inspiration and buckets of first-hand experience and learning.

Applications are now open

*Application Deadline is January 29th, 2016*

We are looking to fill the following internship positions:

Detoxer Relations & Support
Do you have a knack for organising?  Do you get excited about new stationery, new files and labelling things? Are you a people person? Are you the one that organises everyone for lunch and notices when they haven’t eaten yet? If you’re unabashed to say ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then our Detoxer Relations & Support role would be a great fit for you. In this internship position, you will work closely with our senior team in learning what goes on behind the scenes to help get all our digital detoxers to the right place at the right time and to ensure it all goes super smoothly when they get there.

Outreach: Writing & Research
Are you the one drilling everyone about the proper use of their, they’re and there? Do you have at least three books (on totally different subjects) on the go? Are you interested in everything? At TTLO everything we do is grounded in research, philosophy and asking the big questions on the impact of digital technology and its role in our life. If you’re someone who jumps at the chance to root around for the answers and then articulate your findings, then we would love to have you in Outreach: Writing & Research. In this internship position, you will be developing written content for our blog, our research publications, social channels, and other external publications.

Outreach: Digital Graphic Design
Can you navigate your way through Photoshop with your eyes closed? We are looking for someone with creative vision who is excited about the prospect of using digital design to get people off their screens. In this internship role, you will work closely with our Creative Director and learn the ins and outs of the design and artwork that TTLO puts out into the world. Together you’ll question, “How can we use graphic design to get people to put down their phones?,” and propose ideas on how to make graphics, posters, infographics, notebooks and a whole heap of things we haven’t even thought up yet, to get people to think more deeply about their 24:7 screen habit.

Outreach: Video & Photography
Do you view life through a lens? Do you walk around thinking – “I want to do a video on the number of people that are sitting in restaurants ignoring each other and on their phones!” In this internship position, you will be doing that. You’ll be creating and capturing ideas (from the tube and the street, to the home and the park), and your finely honed creative eye will help capture the essence of what we’re doing. You must have experience with shooting, editing, and creating video.

Outreach: Social Media Community Building
What ‘out there’ and ‘out of the ordinary’ ideas do you have that could use screens and social media, to get people to spend time together IRW (in the real world)? It’s ironic but we have to use screens to keep people connected and tell them about what we do. Our digital detoxers come to us from all over the UK but it’s hard to keep them all connected when they are not on a retreat. And many of our detoxers have found us by reading an article about us online or a friend has sent them a message about a message we’ve spread on social media. In fact, you are reading this on a screen! We’re looking for someone with strong digital know-how, who has a few online tactics and creative ideas up their sleeve that can help us build and strengthen our digital detox community online (to get them offline).

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