What does digital detox feel like?

28 Oct What does digital detox feel like?

We took a great group of people to do a digital detox in Italy on a weekend in October. They gave us some fantastic feedback on what it felt like for them. So if you’re wondering, read on:

“Amazing! The experience made me realise how much I use my phone as a distraction. Not having my phone meant I could really escape from the stresses of everyday life. From now on I’m deleting work email from my phone at the weekends and I’ll be checking my phone a lot less regularly.”

Caroline, Managing Director (Digital)

“A revelation! I wasn’t aware how bad my digital addiction had become. I had the best few night’s sleep in years. I will definitely incorporate regular detoxes into everyday life.”

Richard, Journalist
“It was great to ‘lose’ my phone. I thought it would be stressful but it was surprisingly easy. I will definitely have downtime with technology in the future.”

Steve, Hotelier
“I loved it. After this, I’m going to get a landline and turn my mobile off for some weekends. I’m also going to take social media off my phone.”

Emily, Director (Consulting)
“It was so peaceful. I’m going to buy a non-smart phone to use at weekends and ask friends to call me instead of texting/Whatsaspp-ing!”

Helen, Events Director (Aerospace)
“I found the first day difficult but it subsided quickly. By the end of the break I didn’t want my phone back!”

Lara, Teacher
“I wanted to test how I would react without my phone. Generally I felt much more relaxed and with better concentration. From this experience I know that I can live without my phone. I’m going to encourage other people in my life to develop this ability a bit more too!”

Sophie, Stylist
“A really great experience. I will be implementing a restricted phone and digital regime at home, i.e. no screens on a Sunday and no phones in the bedroom. I’ll also take off work email from my phone and be really mindful during the week of when I use the phone and Internet.”

Sarah, Conservator

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