Author: James Carson

smartphone bingeing
19 Jul
3 Tricks To Control Your Smartphone Bingeing

Constantly need your phone around you? Can't give it up? Endlessly and pointlessly scrolling through time-wasting apps? Here are three tricks that will help you get your smartphone bingeing under control....

tech burnout
17 Jul
How I Won My Battle With Tech Burnout

I’d worked with tech all my career and suddenly I found myself experiencing tech burnout. These are the steps I took to bring myself back from the brink....

Social Media Outrage Keyboard Warriors
14 Jun
How Social Media Outrage Is Turning Us All Into Keyboard Warriors

We share things online largely because they stir our emotions in some way, and outrage makes us share things much more than humour or awe. But is getting riled-up about the injustices of the world turning us all into militant keyboard warriors, deaf to anyone...

06 Jun
Is It Time To Ditch The Dating Apps?

There was a time, somewhere near 2012, when apps like Tinder represented a dating revolution. But along the journey something began to change, ghosting, benching, catfishing, people's behaviour when using dating apps just seemed to get worse. Is it time to date again in the...

25 May
Is Our Internet Addiction Wrecking Family Life?

Parents complain about their children's screen use while children are increasingly unhappy about their parents' smartphone habits. Is it time we all looked at what our relationship with tech is doing to family life?...

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