Author: James Carson

How to phone detox
17 Apr
8 good reasons to give up your smartphone

In these digital times, a smartphone is starting to feel like a necessity, but is it really? There are some apps that we might find difficult to stop using altogether, but would our lives be all that harder if we didn't have just one device...

11 Apr
Is the Time Spent on Your Phone Really Time Well Spent?

At our latest count in the UK, 18-24-year-old women are now spending 88.5 hours a month looking at their smartphones. This might seem shockingly high, but stop to think that the average use across all age groups is now 65.3 hours a month on a...

28 Mar
What is ‘flow’ and how can you achieve it?

Do you ever enjoy taking part in activities where time seems to fly by? Where you are not really conscious of the real world, and the concerns that inhabit it? If the answer is yes, then it's likely that you are experiencing what’s been defined...

How much time are you spending on your smartphone?
14 Mar
How much time are you spending on your smartphone?

Waiting for a bus? Friend a bit late? It’s easy to spend this otherwise seemingly wasted time unlocking your smartphone screen and just checking for little bits of information. Email, social media, perhaps the latest news – it hoovers up the nooks and crannies of...

social media addiction
08 Mar
How our smartphones and social media keep us hooked

Smartphone usage is getting dizzyingly high. In March 2017, Ofcom reported that 18-24-year-old women were on their smartphones 88.5 hours a month, and the average for all ages and genders was about 65 hours. It’s not as if anyone wakes up in the morning with...

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