Author: Joe Paul

10 Aug
Digital Detox in the News

Digital detox has really hit the headlines in the UK right now. Here’s our round-up of the latest stories on tech addiction and the logging-off movement....

how much is too much social media
12 Jul
How much is too much social media?

Perhaps the most relatable form of digital addiction is social media addiction. We live in an age of scrolling and swiping. But how much is too much?...

21 Jun
4 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Wellness

Our digital wellness is important as any other kind of wellness. Perhaps more so, as digital technologies are such an all-consuming part of our lives. How can we focus on and improve this area of our wellbeing?...

What is nomophobia
18 Jun
What is Nomophobia?

If you find yourself patting your pocket anxiously throughout your day to check you still have your phone, or explode with rage or stress when you can't find it then you might just be suffering from nomophobia. Never heard of it? You will do....

Internet Addiction
07 Jun
Will Apple and Google really fix our internet addiction?

Apple showcases 'Screen Time', Google launches 'Digital Wellbeing'. Will these two tech giants solve our internet addiction? Or is fighting tech with tech ignoring the bigger question about how the way we use tech is making so many people anxious and unhappy....

Tips to switch off after work
15 Sep
How to switch off after work

Having one of those weeks? Work deadlines snapping at your heels? We've all been there. So, in our next handy 'how to' guide, we're sharing how to switch off after work - something which has become paradoxically more difficult, yet more essential than ever. Technology and...

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