Author: Joe Paul

Digital Detox Heroes - Time To Log Off Instagram Takeover
20 Apr
Digital Detox Heroes #3: Adventurer Al Humphreys

We're excited to introduce our third Digital Detox Hero takeover on Instagram! Our Digital Detox Heroes series introduces friends of Time To Log off who perfectly embody the screen balanced lifestyle. We're letting each of our Heroes take over Time To Log Off's Instagram feed to...

Internet Addiction
22 Feb
How to overcome internet addiction

The term 'Internet Addiction' is being thrown around by the media more and more frequently. But, what does it really mean? Internet addiction is an impulsive disorder which has been likened to pathological gambling. It involves compulsive behaviour and excessive internet use to the detriment of the...

16 Nov
My Digital Detox Experience – Katrina

Our Digital Detox Experience testimonial series provide an opportunity for our retreat guests to describe the positive experience they have had logging off. We hope that their stories will inspire you to consider a digital detox of your own. Next up is Katrina. As the youngest on her...

5 unexpected discoveries of a phone free festival
23 Aug
5 unexpected benefits of going festival phone-free

It's festival season and, as a nation constantly glued to our screens, how are we coping with the notion of combining festival going with a fully charged and functional smartphone? We set off to a music festival, found ourselves (totally unplanned) phone-free, and loved it! Here...

What happend when I rang everyone instead of texting for a day
30 Mar
What I learnt when I stopped texting for a day

Texting our friends and family on a daily basis is something that now comes naturally to us. It seems a lot less inconvenient to type a quick text rather than pick up the phone. On some occasions, texting is quicker and easier than calling. But...

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