“Am I addicted to social media?” Take our NEW QUIZ

"Am I addicted to social media?" QUIZ

31 Jan “Am I addicted to social media?” Take our NEW QUIZ

“Am I addicted to social media?” is one of the most-searched questions on Google. And it’s one of the questions we get asked the most at Time To Log Off too. So, we’ve been spending the last few weeks working on a new interactive quiz which might help you answer the question for yourself, and hopefully put your mind at rest.

“Am I addicted to social media?”

There are a few telltale signs to determine if you’re addicted to social media (no, we’re not going to tell you in this post, we really want you to take the quiz!) and we’ve designed our new quiz to check out how closely you match to the classical definition of social media addiction. Addiction to social media is what’s termed a ‘process addiction’ similar to an addiction to gambling, shopping or even exercise. It’s not quite the same as an addiction to a substance (such as alcohol or drugs), but the impact on your life can be very similar.

In our best-selling digital detox course we explain all about the persuasive tech industry of Silicon Valley and about how so much of what we do in the digital world is designed to ‘hook’ us and spike dopamine (the feel-good chemical) in our brains. Social media addiction is one of the inevitable results. The quiz we’ve designed is intended to be a fun look at whether you’re spending too much time online, but if you’re concerned you should always see a mental health professional to discuss your habits if you think they might be getting out of control.

The quiz has just nine questions which are deceptively simple but designed to probe into your habits – and importantly, how you feel about your habits.

"Am I addicted to social media?" QUIZ
Are you addicted to social media?

Our social media addiction quiz asks (amongst other things):

  1. How many accounts do you have?
  2. How often do other people comment (negatively) on your use?
  3. How often do you check social media?
  4. Have you tried to cut down? How hard did you find it?
  5. Does your social media habit interfere with the rest of your life?

If you’re not worried about being addicted to social media, we have two other quizzes in the interactive quiz section of our website. Do take a look and if you haven’t already done those, why not give either of them a try?

“Am I addicted to my smartphone?”

Our most popular quiz on our website our “Am I Addicted to my Smartphone?” quiz is one way of working out if it’s you, or your smartphone, who is in charge of your daily habits.

addicted to smartphone Quiz
Are you addicted to your smartphone? Or have your habits just got a little bit out of control?

Our smartphone addiction quiz will ask you:

  1. The last time you checked your phone.
  2. Where your phone is when you sleep.
  3. How often your phone is the first thing you check in the morning.

And other questions designed to draw a picture of your habits. Give it a go.

“Do I need a digital detox?”

When you’ve done either (or both) of the addiction quizzes, it might be worth giving our final quiz a try to ask yourself “do I need a digital detox?“.

digital detox quiz
Do you need a digital detox?

Take all three of our fun interactive quizzes and check-in on your habits

You could even give all three of our quizzes a go (they take about three minutes each quiz) or even recommend them to friends and family. And if you have any ideas for other quizzes we can develop – please get in touch!

digital detox book

If you think you might be addicted to social media, your smartphone, or you think you might need to take a break from the digital world – pick up a copy of our new book: My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open. Available to order here.

digital detox course

To explore the concept of digital wellbeing further and to take a digital detox with us, check out our online course How to do a Digital Detox: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Wellbeing

"Am I ADDICTED to social media?" QUIZ
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"Am I ADDICTED to social media?" QUIZ
Take a few short questions in our fun interactive quiz and find out the answer to the question "am I addicted to social media?"
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