The Time To Log Off Digital Wellbeing Gift Guide 2021

01 Dec The Time To Log Off Digital Wellbeing Gift Guide 2021

Our 2021 Gift Guide is here! With gifts for all budgets, from £2.81 up to £1,500, we think there’s something in here for everyone. We hope you enjoy the suggestions from everyone at Time To Log Off Towers for gifts that will help your recipients (or even yourself) log off and connect with the real world this holiday season.

For Keeping Twitchy Hands Busy

When you put your phone away, you’re going to want to keep your hands busy and get into the flow of doing something that’s really absorbing. Here are some ideas.

digital detox Gift Guide 2021

This gorgeous puzzle from our puzzling faves, Wentworth Puzzles, will keep someone busy all through the festive period and beyond. Beautifully hand made, carved from wood with unique shaped ‘whimsy’ pieces, these are collectors items and will be treasured for years. From £29.95.

Gift Guide 2021

We’re huge fans of the craftivism of Badass Cross Stitch who organises online tutorials and workshops, as well as selling unique patterns for you to have a go at yourself. We loved ‘Pooping Deer’ for the holiday season, but there are lots more to choose from so you could gift a set to the lucky recipient. £2.81

This Rainbow Admire Vest knitting kit from Olympian Tom Daley’s new knitting website Made With Love by Tom Daley is rated as ‘Easy’ and would make a great present to encourage someone to try a new hobby. You can choose the base colour to coordinate with the stripes and all the wool, pattern and needles are included. £90 for the kit

What can be more absorbing, or keep your hands engaged more, than turning the pages of a real-life physical book? Our new book ‘My Brain Has Too many Tabs Open’ by founder Tanya Goodin, will inspire the reader with real-life stories of people struggling with tech and how they ultimately fixed their lives. £14.99

For Connecting With Nature

Putting down your screens and getting outside is a big part of our mission, here are a selection of gifts that will encourage the recipient to get out a little bit more and switch off.

The Fogo Island Inn sits on an island, off an island, at one of the four corners of the Earth in Newfoundland, Canada. Each room has a floor to ceiling window to allow you to connect with your landscape whilst the Inn is built on concepts of sustainability and is a community asset, supporting the local community. Stays from £1500

digital detox escapes

The Falcon Hotel at Castle Ashby is a beautifully restored former coaching inn built in 1594 on the Marquess of Northampton’s Castle Ashby estate designed as a retreat for those in need of rest and renewal. The hotel is also home to a wellbeing and nature programme as well as being situated amongst the gorgeous British countryside with curated gardens and walks galore. Stays from £190

This traditional insulated puffer jacket is a perfect addition to the wardrobe for someone who wants to be getting out and about more in the post-Christmas winter spell. It is made of recycled fabrics, both wind and water resistant and is designed to last a lifetime. Its makers, Finisterre, are a UK, Devon-based brand putting the environment at the centre of their work. £195

For Being More Analogue

It’s easy to think that all the best entertainment is on a screen in 2021, but here are some suggestions on how to reap the benefits of being a bit more analogue.

Why not bring back some of the boardgames nostalgia of childhood Christmases with this gift for the whole family?Catan has for many been a gateway game to the world of boardgames so you could be setting everyone off on an analogue hobby for the year! £29

Similarly, Uno is one for the whole family with easy-to-follow rules suitable for all ages. It’s a shorter commitment than a boardgame too so might be a good choice whilst waiting for dinner or entertaining children before bed. £5

Another option for family-bonding could be starting a garden or vegetable patch to feed and entertain everyone. If that sounds like a good idea to you, then how about buying the National Trust School of Gardening 2021 guide, aimed at enthusiastic amateurs to get you started and keep you inspired. £20

For Saving the Planet

Don’t be gloomy about the state of the world, there are plenty of organisations doing their bit to make it better. These gifts will help the recipient support what they’re doing.

Give the gift of having a positive impact on the climate with a subscription to Ecologi, for less than less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week. The cheapest ‘Helper’ subscription plan plants 12 trees a month and reduces one carbon footprint (10.6 tonnes of CO2) a year on behalf of the recipient. £4.70 a month.

Give the ocean-lover in your life a gift from the Oceana store, the largest international advocacy organisation dedicated solely to ocean conservation. A symbolic adoption of a penguin (you can also choose a puffin, polar bear or turtle amongst others), will give back to help protect the world’s oceans. From £26.

For Tech that Keeps you Off Tech

There is some tech that can actually help you spend a little less time scrolling. Here are some of our top picks this year.

From the dawn of Time To Log Off we have been recommending alarm clocks to help you keep your phone out of your bedroom and increase your quality of sleep. With a choice of melodies, variable volume and most importantly a lack of internet connection, this alarm from Mudita can do all your phone does, and better. £42 to pre-order

Digital Detox Gift Guide 2021

One of the biggest fears about digital detoxes is the worry that we will be uncontactable in an emergency. The Punkt MP02 New Generation 4G phone eliminates this entirely by allowing you to use your smartphone’s SIM in this ‘dumb phone’, so you’re still contactable by text and voice, but take a break from scrolling. £279

Our last gift suggestion for 2021 is this Faraday cage from Stolph. An electromagnetic layer ensures that once phones are placed inside, no signal can enter. Ideal for sociable areas like the kitchen or dining table. Using the box you can put all devices away at the start of a meal, or scheduled time and set a timer to take the pressure off your self-control! £37

Whoever you’re buying for, make this Christmas more meaningful with these digital detox gift guide ideas. From the environmentally minded to children to those who need to switch off, we hope there’s something in here for everyone!

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