Living 24:6 will make you happier

15 Feb Living 24:6 will make you happier

We talk all the time about being ‘on’ 24:7. We have to check our emails: we never know what might come up during the lunch break which requires immediate attention. We have to have our notifications on: what if we missed the release of tickets for our favourite artist? We have to be on Twitter all the time or we might miss the next trending topic and be behind the breaking news story. Living like this is draining. UK adults now spend an average of 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on screens – more time than we’re asleep! People often ask us what an achievable way to do a digital detox might look like. So here’s one idea for trying a digital detox: living 24:6.

What is 24:6?

The idea of living 24:6 is to be be just as accessible as usual, apart from one day a week. Typically this day would be Sunday, after all, it is the day of rest. However, you could pick Wednesday to split up the week, or Monday so that it starts a bit better, whatever works for you. You can choose exactly what form 24:6 takes for you personally too. Perhaps you need a break from email but watching a little TV with the kids could be a nice relaxing way to wind down in the evening and bond? You might choose to give up social media but still check your phone messages. Or you could go cold turkey, no phone, no screens of any kind, and have one day where you can just breathe. We can guarantee that you will appreciate the break!

What are the benefits?

A regular digital detox brings so many benefits. Can you remember the last time you slept without a fitful night? If not, this could be the answer as it has been proven that a digital detox can do wonders for your sleep schedule! How about your concentration? When was the last time you read a book from start to finish without struggling to focus? Digital detoxes can help you to direct your attention where you want it, they might even help with your work. Not only that, time off screens will almost certainly benefit your mental health, leaving you happier and healthier each week.

How to organise it

If the point of living 24:6 is to put less stress on yourself then you might want to take a few steps beforehand so it doesn’t stress you out even more! If you won’t be contactable then talk to those for whom it’s important to be able get hold of you. You could give them a landline number or the number of someone you’ll be with. It can be hard to commit to a new habit so make it as easy for yourself as possible by thinking through and eliminating problems up front.

Give 24:6 living a go, maybe for just this week, and let us know how you get on? We love to get your feedback about what is working for you in trying a digital detox and building a more mindful lifestyle. Good luck!

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