How to be mindful: 5 things mindful people do regularly

5 things mindful people do

21 Sep How to be mindful: 5 things mindful people do regularly

Mindfulness. It’s a trendy, catch-all phrase, but what does it really mean to be mindful? Mindfulness means living in the now, being fully present and aware of what we’re experiencing in a given moment. It means tuning into our emotions, our mind and how our body feels. Mindfulness is the antidote to our frantic 24/7 culture, where we’re absorbed in screens that transport us far, far away from our present surroundings. Mindfulness, a form of meditation, is not as intangible as it sounds. It often just encourages you to focus on your breathing, helping you let go of stress and recognise the transience of thoughts.

How to be mindful

Wondering how to be mindful in daily life? Mindfulness can be practised through meditative yoga, or similar, but it also means attributing new meaning to normal tasks and activities. We’ve shared some great activities that you can make more mindful, such as cooking or walking. This time, we’re highlighting six things that mindful people do every day. In other words, five ways you can shift your mindset, reduce your stress levels and focus on your well-being.

How to be mindful

#1 Mindful people focus on their breathing

Breathing is core part of mindfulness practice. Mindful people focus on calming their breathing, and in turn, calming their mind. By turning your attention to how you are breathing, stressed thoughts begin to fade away. To begin, try guided meditation or a yoga class and let the teacher show you how to pay attention to your breathing. Something so simple has the ability to dramatically change how you feel.

#2 Mindful people get outdoors

Mindful people know that reconnecting with nature is essential to unplugging and becoming present. To revel in the comforting change of the seasons, you are becoming present, noticing what is around you. It’s calming to just sit in nature, and even better to take a mindful walk by yourself through it.

Mindfulness is getting back to nature

#3 Mindful people create balance with technology

Mindlessly scrolling through your phone or social feeds is the opposite to mindfulness. That’s when you reach for your device absentmindedly and flick through updates that you’re not really taking in, let alone interested in. Mindful people recognise when they go to pick up their device and ask themselves “am I doing something productive?“. If the answer is no, chances are, you can re-route your boredom or distraction into something more positive, or back to the task at hand.

Mindfulness and finding balance with technology

#4 Mindful people focus on one task at a time

Our tendency to juggle multiple attention-seeking digital devices, and therefore multiple tasks, has eroded our focus. Did you know that we now have a lower concentration span than goldfish? Media multi-tasking also increases our stress levels, while reducing our productivity. Mindful people dedicate their focus to one task at a time, reducing the margin for error and rushing. It also helps you better enjoy other peoples’ company, by giving them your full attention.

#5 Mindful people foster creativity

Stressed, pacing minds and constant screen stimulation become a creativity drain. Mindful people know that creative tasks, such as painting, drawing and cooking, are an opportunity to let the mind wander and unwind. Our brains need downtime to foster those eureka moments.

Mindfulness is something we can all achieve, but training our brains to live in the moment can take time, especially when we’re up against so many distractions. So, down your devices, let your mind wander and try these five things that mindful people do regularly.





How to be mindful: 5 things mindful people do regularly
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How to be mindful: 5 things mindful people do regularly
Mindfulness is the antidote to our 24/7, digitally-distracted culture. Discover 5 things mindful people do regularly.
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