Digital Detox Heroes #1: Emily Luxton

Digital Detox Heroes - Time To Log Off Instagram Takeover

24 Mar Digital Detox Heroes #1: Emily Luxton

We’re excited to announce our Digital Detox Heroes series on Instagram! This series introduces friends of Time To Log off who perfectly embody the screen balanced lifestyle. We’re letting each of our Heroes take over Time To Log Off’s Instagram to share three fantastic digital detox inspired shots. They’ll also be sharing why it’s so important to them to enjoy some screen-free time.

Introducing Emily Luxton, Digital Detox Hero #1

First up is award-winning travel writer Emily Luxton. Emily’s travel philosophy revolves around the concept of ‘Deep Travel’. For her, travel is not about ticking as many places as possible off a bucket list. It’s about making the effort to understand the locals and their culture. She sees travel as enriching, aiming is not to just see the world, but to properly get to know it. At Time To Log Off, we can see a lot of parallels in this approach with our own philosophy. We promote the idea of disconnecting from technology to properly reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Do we really ‘get to know’ a new destination if it’s only through our smartphone’s camera lens?

Digital Detox Hero Emily Luxton

source: em_luxton

Emily featured on our Insta feed

As someone so well travelled and rich in experience, we’re excited to share Emily’s photos with you. Despite being a travel blogger who is naturally extremely immersed in the digital world, it’s inspiring to see her understand so deeply the importance of taking a step back from our devices. Emily’s Deep Travel mindset helps her to really enjoy the present moment, engraining the memory in her mind, not just her phone. But she still takes some fantastic photos! The first pick of hers is this stunning shot of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England.

Travel writer Emily Luxton is the first of our Digital Detox Heroes

She writes: “As a travel blogger, it’s easy for me to spend far too much time online. In the past I’ve found myself so glued to my phone, posting on social media about how amazing a place was, that I forgot to actually enjoy myself and make the most of that amazing place. When I put my phone away and actually live in the moment, I always have a far deeper and more engaged experience – and that’s when the best stories happen too! It’s important to experience things in the present and save the online sharing for later – so that’s what I try to do now.”

Emily also enjoyed the chance to properly unplug from her busy lifestyle on our digital detox retreat in Puglia. One of her highlights (and clearly something very important to her) was the deeper human connection she experienced during the week. She summarises: “I found myself connecting much more deeply with the people around me. Without distractions, our conversations were much richer and more interesting, and I felt far more connected than I usually do in my super-connected digital world.”

Follow our Digital Detox Heroes series

You can follow our Digital Detox Heroes series on our Instagram @timetologoff. We’re looking forward to sharing more inspirational Digital Detox Heroes with you!

Digital Detox Heroes #1: Emily Luxton
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Digital Detox Heroes #1: Emily Luxton
Our Digital Detox Heroes perfectly embody a screen balanced lifestyle, despite their busy lifestyles. They're taking over our Instagram to share some inspiring photos and thoughts @timetologoff.
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