Day #24 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Digital Detox Day 24

25 Jan Day #24 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge is all about introducing you to some simple ways to develop a healthy relationship with your phone in 2017!

On Day 22 of our challenges, we asked you to plan your week using a paper diary. Today, we’re going back to stationery basics again, hopefully with some very meaningful results! Day 24’s challenge requires you to buy a pack of birthday cards and write them for any friends’ or family member’s with birthdays in the coming month.

Day 24 – buy a pack of cards for upcoming birthdays and write them

Do you remember being a child and excitedly checking your letterbox or front doorstep when awaiting birthday post? If we’re honest, the thrill of receiving post from our loved ones never really disappears! So, when we know how great it is to receive post, why do we let ourselves send typed and uninspiring Facebook posts or emails to say ‘Happy Birthday’? This practice further indicates our decreasing human connection, something which we tackle on our digital detox retreats!

Sending a hand-written card is so much more personal. Not only because it shows that you’ve really made an effort, but because you are able to disclose more personal information than you can via their Facebook wall. A well-thought-out card can be treasured for years, while a Facebook post or email is soon buried under newer messages and forgotten.

Preparing cards in advance also means that you will be less likely to forget someone’s birthday as your to-do list builds up and birthday reminders on your calendar are snoozed. We challenge you to put your phone down and pick your pen up. Show your friends and family just how loved they really are!

Check back tomorrow for Day 25. All the past digital detox challenge videos are in a collection on our YouTube channel. Use the hashtag #30DayDigitalDetoxChallenge on Twitter to tweet us your progress!

30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
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30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge will help you set boundaries around your technology use and develop a HEALTHY relationship with your phone.
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