Day #17 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

digital detox 30 day challenge

18 Jan Day #17 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge is all about introducing you to some simple ways to develop a healthy relationship with your phone in 2017!

Today we are extremely fortunate to have the world at our fingertips with GPS on our smartphones. We plan our journeys and navigate using our phones as modern day compasses. Yet, think back to the last time you tracked down a new restaurant or an office for a meeting, can you remember how you got there? The answer is probably no. So, on Day 17 we challenge you to turn off Google Maps and ask for directions!

Day 17 – Turn off Google Maps and ask for directions

Have you ever looked around you during your morning commute? The world feels a lonely place with people passing in such close proximity but never raising their heads from the depths of their phones. It goes without saying that this phenomenon, particularly when people are following Google Maps, is very dangerous when crossing roads. However, it also creates an over-reliance on your device, making you less inclined to acknowledge those around you and decreasing the human connection in our daily lives. Approaching someone for directions can sometimes be quicker (especially if you have low signal) and not surprisingly more rewarding than using your phone. You will have shared a smile and maybe even a joke, improving your own mood in the process.

The task of remembering directions and manually following them will also activate a part of your brain which has become underused. Naturally, this improves your sense of direction and ability to follow the same journey without a map, because like acknowledging those around you, you are taking in your surroundings!

Today, try and activate your interior sat-nav with the help of a stranger and you never know, you might be surprised by who and what you find on your journey.

Tomorrow we’re on Day 18. All the challenge videos are on our YouTube channel. Use the hashtag #30DayDigitalDetoxChallenge on Twitter and tell us how you’ve been finding it so far!

30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
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30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge will help you set boundaries around your technology use and develop a HEALTHY relationship with your phone.
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