Day #10 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Time to Log Off Detox Challenge

11 Jan Day #10 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge is all about introducing you to some simple ways to develop a healthy relationship with your phone in 2017!

Welcome to Day 10 of the digital detox challenge, you’re a third of the way through.

This challenge really deserves to come right at the beginning of the digital detox challenge but we’ve kept it back until now, to ease you in gently. Poor sleep is one of the top complaints from people who overuse their smartphones. Having phones in the bedroom is the number one culprit. So for Day 10 we want you to;

Day 10 – use a proper alarm clock

Most of us use the handy alarms on our smartphones to wake up. In fact many of us have never even owned an alarm clock, or any other kind of alternative to our built-in phone alarms.

But using your smartphone as an alarm clock means it’s there in the bedroom, right next to you, all the way through the night. Which means it’s the last thing you look at at night, the first thing you look at it in the morning, and very probably you’re checking it in the middle of the night too!

Switching to a dedicated alarm clock just for today (tomorrow morning if you’ve already started your day) is the best way to start weaning yourself off your smartphone dependency in the bedroom. You can switch it off safe in the knowledge that you’re still going to get up on time. This challenge is definitely one of the hardest in our digital detox challenge but we know it’s the most rewarding. You’ll see immediate benefits in the quality of your sleep. Try it! Improved sleep quality is the number one benefit guests on our digital detox retreats rave about. Today will give you an insight into what that feels like.

Tomorrow is Day 11, the daily videos for the digital detox challenge are really building up on our YouTube channel! Remember to use the challenge hashtag #30DayDigitalDetoxChallenge on Twitter to let us know how you’re getting on, we really want to hear about your progress.


30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
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30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge will help you set boundaries around your technology use and develop a HEALTHY relationship with your phone.
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