My Digital Detox Experience – Josa


23 Nov My Digital Detox Experience – Josa

Our Digital Detox Experience testimonial series provide an opportunity for our retreat guests to describe the positive experience they have had logging off. We hope that their stories will inspire you to consider a digital detox of your own. Next up is Josa. She noticed that using her mobile phone so much was affecting the amount that she was reading, and having an effect on her ability to “wind down”. Would a retreat help?

“My focus and concentration had dropped”

Josa describes how she used to unwind through reading, but found that the distraction of her phone had affected this important part of her life; “It [her phone] was distracting my mind … It wasn’t good for my mind at all … ” Josa also describes how the use of her phone was a stress reaction to “other things in life”. This is a common theme of guests on our retreat; those who use their phones to escape difficult feelings or as a distraction. But this is where our retreats can help …

“I needed a lesson in doing without it”

“I needed to remember what I am – instead of this person that is so distracted. I would recommend it to everybody, because I think that everybody has got like this.” One of the things that our retreats can do is make you realise how easy it can be to go back to using your phone as just a phone, and not as a crutch. Although many of our guests may well find the idea of completely logging off daunting, as Josa describes, it is something that everybody can benefit from.

We have retreats scheduled for May and July next year. In May, we are heading to beautiful Puglia, Italy. In July, the retreat will be slightly closer to home in the gorgeous Somerset countryside!  For all the details, head over to our retreats page. 

My Digital Detox Experience - Josa
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My Digital Detox Experience - Josa
Our Digital Detox Experience testimonial series provide an opportunity for our retreat guests to describe the positive experience they have had logging off.
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Time to Log Off
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