6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble

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09 Jun 6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble

This post is part of a lighter series aimed at getting us to put down our tech, where we look at how our digital devices often get us in trouble 

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our smartphones and sometimes that can get us into trouble – whether texting the wrong person by mistake or endlessly scrolling through our best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister’s Instagram. Here are a few ways my smartphone has got me into trouble!

#1 Texting the wrong person

6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble

Texting the wrong person is the worst. On one occasion when my Mum really annoyed me I had to tell my brother every single detail about it. We all know it feels good to vent and get it all out… Until I realised I had sent the text about my Mum to my Mum. Awks. Almost as bad as the time I texted a friend about someone in our group chat that wasn’t invited to the night out we planned a month ago, but I accidently sent it to the group chat. Maybe it’s about time I made an effort to call more and text less.

#2 Walking into something whilst reading a text

6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble

Walking and looking at your phone is a bad combination. You can’t possibly concentrate on what is in front of you if you’re constantly looking down. Walking into a lamp post when no one is around might be painful but at least it probably goes unnoticed. Walking straight into a person phone in hand, like I do all the time, is slightly more embarrassing. Sorry.

#3 Not so secretly taking a photo of that hot guy

6 ways my smasrtphone has got me into trouble

You’re in a bar and see a super hot guy or someone that’s the spitting image of your best friend and have to send a photo. Obviously going over and asking for a photo is out of the question, so the next logical step is to do it in secret. It was a great plan in theory until the flash went off along with the shutter. It wasn’t quite as secret as I had expected, just so so embarrassing…

#4 Liking an Instagram post pre-2014

6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble

It’s easy to get a bit out of hand on Instagram and end up stalking a distant relative’s best friend. Before too long you know what they got for their birthday, the name of their dog and where they went on holiday last year. You’re basically a top class stalker when it comes to finding your ex’s new girlfriend. It was all in good fun until I accidentally liked a photo of them from last Christmas. My first thought was to  deactivate all my social media accounts and go into hibernation. A bit far? I don’t think so.

#5 Dropping it in the toilet

We’ve all done it. Dropping your phone into the loo or a bath followed by the frantic panic to fish it out and a sprint to the local shop for a bag of rice. Will it dry out? Will it ever come back to life? The next 24 hours can feel like a lifetime. After dropping my phone in the bath twice maybe it’s a good idea to ban tech from certain areas of the house, such as the bath?

#6 Drunk dialling your ex on a night out


Taking your phone on a night out puts you at risk, dropping it down the toilet when drunk is a likely scenario. Drunk dialling your ex is just another great example of why alcohol and phones don’t mix well together. I advise you to keep your phone locked away in your bag until you need a taxi home. Nobody wants to hear you in the loo cubical crying about how you still love them.

Occasionally cutting back on tech time is a good thing. At Time To Log Off we promote a healthy balance between your life online and your life offline. Our digital detox retreats are the perfect way to log off, relax, enjoy life and stay out of trouble!

6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble
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6 ways my smartphone has got me into trouble
Here are a few ways my smartphone has got me into trouble!
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