4 Reasons NOT to try a Digital Detox

01 Apr 4 Reasons NOT to try a Digital Detox

If you’re dithering about doing a digital detox or feeling under pressure to try one, here are four reasons not to do one to help strengthen your resolve.

#1 You think sleep deprivation gives you an edge

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You know what many of us are getting too much of? Sleep. I find, as I’m sure that most of you do, that sleep deprivation gives me an edge – especially at work. Sleep deprivation really allows me to be more focused and productive during the day.

Why would you want to get more sleep anyway? Despite the fact that sleep is essential for our bodies well-being, and the fact that better, longer sleep helps improve performance – we all shirk on sleep thanks to the blue light emitted from our devices. After all, 71% of Americans sleep with their phones in their bed. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

#2 Your 8-sec attention span helps you multi-task more efficiently


When you’ve got a big task coming up, you know what you need to do? Multi-task. Make sure you flick back and forth between your phone, work emails and that big piece of work at the same time, to make sure you really give it your turbo-charged attention. All that research that proves it’s a myth is clearly wrong because you’re a master of not getting distracted – well, for 8 seconds at least.

Despite the fact that our brains aren’t wired to multi-task, we can fight nature – at the minimal cost of it taking us, on average, 30 percent longer to complete a task than if we just focused on it. And with an IQ dip of 15 points, you’re sure to be spending that extra time just fixing mistakes you didn’t have to make the first time around. Winner.

#3 Your family complain that you give them too much attention

What better way to spend your time than with your phone? Forget your family. Who needs quality time with them anyway? Not us, that’s for sure. Your iPhone can always hug you back anyway.

21% of UK children feel like their parents don’t pay attention to them – but what do they know? They grow up so slowly anyway, we might as well endlessly scroll through Facebook, even if it is making us depressed.

#4 Neck and shoulder pain remind you you’re alive


Call me a masochist, but you know what I love? Being in pain. I just love the constant ache in my neck, shoulders and back as a result of using my devices. Can’t get enough of it. After a long day at work, it’s nice to unwind and bear witness to the fruits of that constant texting and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook while I’m on the tube. It hardly ever keeps me up at night.

Tech neck is real and it’s causing our spines to curve – but who needs a spine anyway? It’s only keeping us upright, after all.

If you’re happy with all of this, you don’t need a digital detox and you definitely don’t need to book to come on a digital detox retreat. You’ll hate a week away without tech in sunny Italy, or remote Cornwall – practising mindfulness techniques we created to introduce digital balance into your life. Seriously, you’ll hate it. Don’t book.

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