Our new range of digital detox t-shirts – ‘analogue’ and ‘unplugged’

Analogue t-shirts

24 Mar Our new range of digital detox t-shirts – ‘analogue’ and ‘unplugged’

Earlier this year, we launched our digital detox clothing line to support the occasional analogue lifestyle. We produced ethically-sourced t-shirts with our ‘offline’ logo which flew off our warehouse shelves. We’ve now added two more designs to the collection.

Not only do we want those who are constantly plugged in to be able to unplug, but we want them to stay motivated. Whether they’re at a digital detox retreat, a workshop or are getting involved with the 5:2 digital diet, our t-shirts are a little reminder that it really is time to log off.

Our two new designs come in black or white, for men and women, and will come in handy whether you’re going for a casual look, a spin class, a yoga session or at the gym!

Unplugged T-Shirt



The digital detox t-shirts come with two new designs ‘Unplugged’ and ‘Analogue.’

The men’s t-shirts are easy to wear and have a great fit, allowing you to show those around you that you are taking a break from the digital world. The women’s digital detox t-shirts come with a lower neckline and have a lovely relaxed fit which will stay comfortable no matter when you choose to wear it.



We want each of our customers to purchase great quality products that are made to last, all without harming the environment. All of our t-shirts are made from 50% bamboo viscose and 50% organic cotton and made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory. So get buying!

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