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Our purpose and philosophy at Time To Log Off is to encourage everyone to regain a bit of balance in their lives, to put down digital screens more and spend more time back in the real world. But for a generation reared on social media and the Internet, sometimes it’s hard to come up with off-screen activities for your digital detox days. We’ve launched a video series devoted to analogue things that we love to do that you might like to try. Books, workshops, things to do outside in nature, creative projects. Anything in fact that doesn’t involve a screen – and all things that you can fill your digital detox off-screen time with.

In the third review in the Analogue Pleasures series, we’re looking at the book Unplug Every Day: 365 Ways to Log Off and Live Better. It’s a mindfulness book that is in the style of a journal. Although we have only recently found this book it’s become a firm favourite of the team, as it has a really laid-back and relaxed approach to logging off.

Unplug Every Day encourages readers to unplug from electronics, appreciate their surroundings,  and connect with those around them. The journal has a year’s worth of easy and insightful prompts that encourage you to take small steps to refocus your attention on the simple things in life that bring us pleasure and to step away from technology.

The book starts with a small introduction that gets the reader ready for their detox, with tips on committing to each daily task and reasons why you should reflect on each task and what benefits detoxing can give you. The book then moves on to 365 small tasks such as ‘Ask a stranger for directions’ and ‘Impose a “no phone” rule during meals out’ to give you ideas of how to log off. You then have a section to add the date completed and to reflect on how you felt.

We really love this book, it’s great for busy people who want to try to digitally detox, but in incremental steps. The activities in the book give ideas suitable for everyone, even  hard core digital addicts.

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