Time To Log Off Book Club: ‘How to thrive in the digital age’

Digital Detox Book Club

22 Jan Time To Log Off Book Club: ‘How to thrive in the digital age’

Welcome to our Analogue Pleasures series. Our mission at Time To Log Off is to encourage you all to get off your screens more and bring a bit more real-world balance back into your life. But we know that you can sometimes find it hard to think of things to do on your digital detox days. Even though intentions are good, the urge to mindlessly scroll through Facebook when you’re bored or relaxing (though you’ve promised yourself not to) can be hard to fight. To help we’re launching a video series devoted to a whole heap of analogue things that we love to do. Books, workshops, things to do outside in nature, creative projects. Anything in fact that doesn’t involve a screen – and all things that you can fill your digital detox off-screen time with.

In the first in our Analogue Pleasures series, we’re looking at a book called ‘How to thrive in the digital age’, published by The School of Life. The School of Life runs programmes that are ‘devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture’. We’ve been fans of their vision and approach for a while, we often give out School of Life books and journals on our retreats.

‘How to thrive in the digital age’ touches upon many different aspects of the digital era, from gaming to politics, sex to time. It gives a brief overview of how technology has revolutionized and changed each of these areas, while not narrowing the focus down too much in one specific area.

Although this book is a couple of years old now, it’s definitely a good one for your analogue digital detox days, probably taking up about two hours of your non-screen reading time. It definitely opens your eyes to the ways that digital has penetrated every area of our lives.

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