A digital detox makes you happier

Digital Detox from social media

19 Nov A digital detox makes you happier

We’ve known for a while that excessive social media time has been correlated with increased depression and lowered self-esteem (particularly in the young). But for the first time this week a piece of research has emerged showing that doing just a week’s digital detox from social media, specifically from Facebook, can positively impact your mood and actually make you happier.

Those who logged-off were happier and felt less lonely than those who didn’t

Researchers at the Danish think tank The Happiness Research Institute carried out a study on the effects of Facebook use on happiness and found that those who took part who did a digital detox and came off Facebook for a week were happier, less worried and less lonely than the control group (people that continued to use Facebook).

Being connected is not the same as feeling a connection

There’s been chatter in the press about how social media is making us all more connected and yet this study seems to prove what we at Time To Log Off have believed all along – that increased communication doesn’t necessarily lead to increased human connection. Our recently-published digital detox manifesto underlines our belief that face to face communication is still the best way to build relationships and connection – thereby reducing loneliness – and this study backs that up.

“After one week without Facebook, the treatment group reported a significantly higher level of life satisfaction,” the researchers reported, adding. “People on Facebook are 39% more likely to feel less happy than their friends.”


For a full week’s digital detox try a digital detox retreat

Our 5:2 Digital Diet recommends two full days of digital detox each week to reset stress, focus and concentration levels. But if you want to raise your happiness and life satisfaction levels this Danish study suggests that a full week’s digital detox is a perfect way to do that. Our digital detox retreats all run for a week and definitely don’t involve being on Facebook!

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