Digital detox and your smartphone

digital detox your smartphone

05 Oct Digital detox and your smartphone

When doing a digital detox, most of us struggle in one particular area: our addiction to our smartphones. Smartphone addiction is real and it is more addictive than smoking and drinking. Some have even claimed that smartphones are so addictive that they should carry a health warning.

So there is no surprise that more and more of us want to do a digital detox and stop our smartphone addiction in its tracks. But it can be incredibly difficult to go cold turkey with your phone, especially when so many of us rely on it for so many different things. So we’ve compiled a handy list of ways to cut down on your smartphone usage – without fully cutting yourself off.

Keep your phone out of the bathroom

We’ve all been there, endlessly scrolling through Instagram or quickly replying to emails whilst we’re on the porcelain throne – let’s not even mention the ‘toilet selfie’. Instead, why not leave your phone on the sofa or your desk instead, that way you won’t be tempted.

Airplane mode is your friend

Airplane mode is an excellent compromise, especially if you’re in the habit of checking your phone every 2 seconds. It allows you to have the feeling of safety that you get when you have your phone, so you can still use it if there is an emergency, but you won’t receive any notifications so you can focus on what you’re doing without interruptions.

Use an alarm clock

Many of us use our phones as an alarm clock, but as Arianna Huffington famously preached, we should be using an alarm clock instead. Too many of us are tempted to check emails or social media either during the night, or first thing in the morning. An alarm clock removes this temptation, allowing us to wake up refreshed and focusing on the real task at hand – getting out from under the warm covers.

Establish smartphone-free zones

This is one of the easiest ways to curb your smartphone addiction. Make sure there are certain physical areas and times that you cannot use your smartphone – for example, in the bedroom or whilst at the dinner table. No phones within sight or earshot. Instead, focus on other things, such as conversation. Our 5:2 digital diet recommends trying not to use your phone over the weekend.

Are there any other tips you use to help reduce smartphone addiction? Let us know below.

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