"Am I addicted to social media?" QUIZ
25 Jan
“Am I ADDICTED to social media?” QUIZ

One of Time To Log Off's most popular quizzes: a few deceptively simple questions will answer the question on everyone's lips "Am I addicted to social media?"...

digital detox quiz
30 Mar
“Do I need a digital detox?” QUIZ

{"results":{"o8mmz":{"title":"Your result: You have a healthy balance with technology!","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/03\/Digital-Detox-Quiz-1.jpg","desc":"Congratulations! You understand that we should use technology to our advantage, not to our detriment. You know when it's time to log off and spend some time in the real world. Keep it up!","id":"o8mmz","index":0,"imageId":"","redirect_url":""},"ii5z9":{"title":"Your result: You're fairly...

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