digital detox in lockdown
14 May
How to do a Digital Detox in Lockdown

Stay sane and use tech to keep you connected and entertained without going overboard, here are our top tips on how to do a digital detox in lockdown....

Creative Quarantining: Royal School of Needlework
04 May
Creative Quarantining: #3 Sewing

The third in our 'creative quarantining' resource round-ups puts together ideas of how you can sew with others (apart)!...

Digital Detox podcast: Its Complicated
24 Apr
Dip into our Digital Detox Podcast Library

Dip into our full back catalogue of three seasons of 'It's Complicated'; the digital detox podcast to help you untangle your relationship with your phone....

20 Apr
6 Ways to Stop a Zoom Bomb

As all of our interactions move online during the pandemic we're much more vulnerable to attacks. Here are six steps to stay hack-free....

Creative Quarantining: Pandemic Activities
13 Apr
Creative Quarantining: #2 Cooking

The second in our 'creative quarantining' resource round-ups brings together ideas on how you can cook together (apart) and learn some new skills....

Creative Quarantining: Pandemic Activities
05 Apr
Creative Quarantining: #1 Making Music

We're putting together resources on quarantine activities you can do that involve more than just staring at a screen (because there's a lot of that right now). For the first round-up in the series here's some suggestions on how you can make music:...