Author: Rachel Hosie

22 Jul
6 reasons you need to go outside in nature. Now.

We all know that after a walk in the fresh air to clear our head we tend to feel a little bit better. But did you know there are science-backed reasons for this? Here are six reasons why you should put down whatever you are...

11 Jul
Why using screens before bed is ruining your sleep

Researchers have proven that we now sleep for nearly an hour and a half less every night than we did 50 years ago. While the average adult used to enjoy eight and a half blissful hours of sleep a night, they now barely reach seven....

Colouring Books Brilliant For The Brain
08 Jul
Adult colouring books: why they’re brilliant for the brain

It’s the modern phenomenon that is as popular with stressed-out students as exhausted executives: colouring. With beautiful new books marketed at grown-ups storming bestseller charts, colouring has become one of the trendiest ways to relax in recent months. At the moment, two out of the top...

10 Tips to Digital Detox {INFOGRAPHIC}

If you need some help to try a digital detox at home, before coming on one of our workshops or retreats, we've put together an infographic with our 10 top tips on how to carve out some offline time successfully. The tips can be used...

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