Here’s the Proof Zoom is Killing Our Creativity

2 days ago
Editorial Team

The evidence is in - all those video calls are stifling creativity and hampering our ability to produce original ideas.

A Week off Social Media Reduces Depression and Anxiety

In a new study, people who took just a week off social media reported an increased sense of wellbeing.

1 week ago

Our podcast ‘It’s Complicated’ is back for Series Seven

Digital detox podcast 'It's Complicated' returns for Series 7. Chatting with inspiring people to help us untangle our relationship with…

2 weeks ago

Let’s Ditch Disaster Porn

Media coverage of catastrophes used to evoke compassion and inspire us to take action. Has over-exposure to so-called disaster porn…

3 weeks ago

Is ‘Slowcial Media’ The Answer?

'Slowcial media' eschews the superficial scrolling of photo-based apps in favour of those which feed the more reflective sides of…

4 weeks ago

Are You a Phone Addict? How Would You Know?

Do you worry that you might be a phone addict? How would you know if you were really suffering from…

1 month ago

Persuasive Technology 101

What is persuasive technology and how can persuasive tech techniques manipulate our behaviour online? Here's our primer.

1 month ago

How To Do A Digital Detox – Without Giving Up Your Phone

Looking for a realistic way to develop healthy tech habits? Try our guide on how to do a digital detox…

2 months ago

Spring Clean Your Digital Life With Our 9 Point Plan

Spring cleaning isn't just for your physical spaces. De-cluttering your digital life will make you feel calmer - and more…

2 months ago

It’s OK to Ignore a Text (Sometimes)

It's OK to ignore a text message, WhatsApp or a DM. Sometimes it's absolutely essential for your physical and mental…

2 months ago